Baby K’tan Instructions

Easy as 1, 2, 3. No wrapping!

Wearing the K’tan is as easy as slipping on a t-shirt; no wrapping or buckling involved. Simply place the carrier over your head & put one arm through each loop. You can wear this baby sling in multiple positions from birth & up!

Get started with the steps below ↓

Getting Started with the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Get ready to place baby in the Baby K’tan Original Wrap by following the Getting Started steps below. (Note: Hip Position does not require these Getting Started steps)

Hold the loops together & place them over your head like a necklace (with connecting loop at the back)

Separate the loops and place one
arm through each

Take the outer loop (the one farthest from your body) and lower it from your shoulder so that it hangs at your waist.

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Kangaroo Position

Hug Position

Explore Position

Adventure Position

Hip Position