Adventure Position

Introduce when baby has full head control (about 5+ months)

Follow Adventure Position instruction video below or step by step pictures

The Adventure Position should not be used for long
periods of time in order to avoid over-stimulation.

Adventure Positiion
After following the Getting Started Steps, continue below:
advetnure instruction
Hold baby facing
advetnure instruction
Place baby’s leg and arm through the loop and spread open front baby carrier fabric from knee to knee.
advetnure instruction
Pull the second loop up between baby’s legs, and back onto your shoulder.
advetnure instruction
Spread the fabric on your cloth baby carrier to create a comfy seat for baby.
advetnure instruction
Pull the back band down
to center the loops.
advetnure instruction
Tie the sash snugly around yourself and baby.
Done with the Adventure Position? Time for a Safety Check.

Helpful Tips: Babywearing in the Adventure Position

Try your forward facing baby carrier when baby is fed, rested and in a good mood. If baby is fussing, calmly take him/her out and try again later.
Ensure that the fabric is spread wide between baby’s legs – reaching the bend in baby’s knees – to create a comfortable seat.
Baby can sense your mood. If you are stressed, baby will sense this & will also be stressed! Keep practicing and stay calm 🙂